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5 Top Heat Pump Hacks

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5 Top Heat Pump Hacks

How to get the most out of your Heat Pump

There is a lot of information out there about the efficiency of Heat Pumps vs other types of heating. However it is also good to know how to make the most of your Heat Pump to reduce your power bills and keep your home warm.
Below are our Top 5 Heat Pump Hacks:

1. Get expert advice on where to place your Heat Pump

It is important to think about the size and the placement of your heat pump. If your heat pump is too small or too large for the size of the space you want to heat, it will not run efficiently.
An undersized heat pump has to work harder in order to bring the room temperature up – this means it will cost you more and likely shorten its life too as it will be overworking. An over large heat pump will heat too quickly and need to keep being switched off.
In addition the placement of your heat pump is also important – think about the areas you want to warm and make sure it is not going to be blowing directly at people on the couch or at the table. A high wall position is popular but we also supply floor mounted heat pumps too.
At Campbell Electric we provide free Heat pump quotes and plans for you – so you know you are getting the best possible advice. Try this handy heat pump size calculator too.

2. Single Room or Ducted?

We have seen people attempt to heat too many rooms from a single heat pump unit. Now there are lots of options for multi-room and ducted Heat pump systems. This allows you to focus heating where you need it. For many of us the sun will help warm our homes, even in winter. So you may want to dial up the bedroom heat in the morning but turn it off during the day when the room is not being used and the sun is up.
If you try and heat an entire home from one Heat pump you will need to keep it running most of the day and it will be heating all areas – rather than focusing the heat where you need it most.

3.Understand your Heat Pump Settings

Modern Heat pumps have several modes which you can use to operate more efficiently. For example in winter it is best to keep your Heat pump on “heating mode” as opposed to “auto mode”. Auto mode sets to a certain temperature which means the unit will use both heating & cooling to match this temperature. This will use more energy.
Equally, understanding the additional modes of your Heat pump such as “dehumidify” or “dry” means that your Heat pump can be set to reduce the dampness of the air in your home. Damp air is much harder to heat than dry air so for some homes with high moisture this can be a good idea. You can also reduce damp air by not drying your clothes indoors and by using bathroom & kitchen extractors.

4. Clean your Heat pump filters

If you have never opened the front panel of your Heat pump – you need to! Inside are the filters which need to be cleaned regularly. Over time dust builds up which means your Heat pump has to work harder to pass the air through. Cleaning the air filters also keeps the air clean as it circulates around your home.
We have a whole article on how to clean your Heat pump filters – it is easy and takes 5 minutes. We also recommend an annual Heat pump service by us at Campbell Electric. This keeps your Heat pump working at its best.

5. And Finally! DON’T run your Heat pump all day!

There is a lot of misinformation about this final point. Running your Heat pump all day and night (even at a low temperature) will not save you money. It is unnecessary and will also put extra strain on your Heat pump to constantly operate all winter without a break.
Instead – be smart with your Heat pump – set it to come on 45 minutes before you get up or go to bed, turn it off while you are out and then set it to come on before you get home. Many brands of Heat pumps can now be controlled by your smartphone – see our Heat pump WIFI guide. By being smart with your Heat pump you will save money and keep your home toasty warm.

Campbell Electric & Refrigeration are Heat pump experts, providing a full service from heat pump installation through to repairs and maintenance. We cover Queenstown, Cromwell & Wanaka – give us a call on 03 442 4441

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5 Top Heat Pump Hacks
5 Top Heat Pump Hacks
5 Top Heat Pump Hacks
5 Top Heat Pump Hacks
5 Top Heat Pump Hacks
5 Top Heat Pump Hacks

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