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How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters

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How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters

As summer nights start to draw in, it is a great reminder to carry out a clean of your Heat Pump. It is also a great time to book a Heat Pump Service with us. Here are some tips on cleaning an indoor, high wall Heat Pump:

You Will Need:

  • Gloves
  • Soft, clean cloth
  • Vacuum Cleaner with brush attachment
  • Bucket of lukewarm water
  • Small Brush (if you have one)
  • You can purchase a Quick Clean Accessory Kit from us to make this job easier

Cleaning your Heat Pump Front Panel


  • Lift the front panel until you hear it click
  • Hold the hinges and gently pull to remove
  • Wipe panel with the dry cloth or rinse in lukewarm water, then dry with soft cloth
  • Set aside

How to Clean Heat Pump Filters

We advise that you do this monthly for heating and 3 monthly for Air Cleaning filters.

  • Unclick the air filter and remove
  • Vacuum the dust off the air filter using the vacuum cleaner on low power.
  • Alternatively you can rinse the air filter in lukewarm water if there is heavier dirt. Allow to air dry before replacing.
  • Set aside
  • There may also be a air cleaning filter which should be cleaned every 3 months – follow the same steps as for the air filter.

How to Clean your Heat Pump Heat Exchanger

It is best to do this once your Heat Pump has been turned off for at least 5 hours – this avoids moisture and heat build up.

  • Vacuum the fins of the Heat Exchanger with the brush attachment on low power. Use a vertical action ONLY following the fins. You don’t want to bend the fins.
  • A small brush can be used to reach the narrow spaces at the top and bottom of the Heat Exchanger

How to Clean the Fan Unit of your Heat Pump

This only relates to Heat Pump models with a Quick Clean Body which allows easy fan access. Consult your manual or give us a call if it looks different and you are not sure.

  • Start by turning the horizontal vanes downward. Then remove by unlocking both sliding tabs to the right.
  • Swing out the two vertical vanes, one by one.
  • Clean out the air outlet with a soft dry cloth
  • Using your vacuum cleaner on low power, move the brush along the fan blades horizontally.
  • Place the vertical blades back into their respective guides, one at a time. They will click into place.
  • Install the horizontal vanes by following the removal steps in reverse.
    (If the horizontal vanes are not correctly re-installed, all LED lamps will blink when the power is turned back on
  • Carefully place the air and air cleaning filters back into their original positions.
  • Replace the Heat Pump front panel

Your indoor unit is now cleaned and ready for use. Read on for how to clean your Heat Pump outdoor unit.

If this all feels a little too complicated and you would like the experts to include a Heat Pump clean with your next Heat Pump Service – use our Service Request form or give us a call on 03 442 4441.

Cleaning your Heat Pump Outdoor Unit

We recommend you clean the outdoor unit of your Heat Pump every 6 months.

  • Clean away any rubbish, overgrown plants or debris from around the unit
  • Wash the unit and coil with a mild detergent (e.g. Carwash). Do NOT use dishwashing liquid.
  • Hose down immediately afterwards
  • Don’t place items (e.g. furniture, planters etc) in front of the unit, as this will compromise the unit’s airflow and performance.

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How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters
How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters
How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters
How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters
How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters
How to clean your Heat Pump & Filters

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